Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Louisville Water Tower is such a cool place! At the Buy Local First Art Fair today it was super hot & everyone seemed to be melting, but we prevailed! It's great that Louisville is the kind of city that gets such a huge response out of local artists & makers to show off their talents & that so many people showed their support by coming out! 

Sometimes I want to move away, then there are days when I swell with pride for this city. 

Story: Daniel & I went to El Mundo on Frankfort Ave one Wednesday & the place was packed so I told this couple who was waiting for a table that they could join us at our table (there were 2 empty chairs..)...they sat with us and we chatted about Louisville & all the hidden gems! I told them about the fair today AND THEY CAME! It was awesome!

I feel pretty proud to be here.

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  1. I definitely have the days when I want to run far away from Kentucky, but I think I would miss Louisville (even though I'm not a native) Things like the Buy Local First Art Fair, Abbey Road on the River, and Lebowski Fest, and farmers markets every day of the week make me not want to leave so much