Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now that it is officially summer, all i want to do is go get margaritas from my favorite place. 

It is divine,I tell you. The secret is that all they put in them is tequila & lime juice but I swear there must be something else, cause i think about them every day. 
Last year, Daniel & I went and I had one.  I was having fun, laughing & having a grand ol' time...then i drank another...I started being weird, crying & then I had three....after losing all the delicious food I just ate, I proceeded to tell him my life story. Even today (almost a year later) I will start a story by "hey did I ever tell you the time I blah blah blah" and He will say that yes, I have told him that night i drank 3 margaritas...dang.

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